11 Healthy Foods That Can Help You To Gain Weight

You will find many weight loss diets on the Internet. You won’t see much on the internet for weight gain. You won’t find many plans to gain weight. There are many people who struggle to gain the necessary mass.

Underweight or being skinny could be a sign of underlying issues. A prolonged diet of too few calories can lead to underweight, which in turn leads to various medical conditions. Eating too many calories can lead to weight gain, which is not a good thing.

You gain weight when you consume more calories that you burn. You need more calories if you have a high metabolism or if you exercise vigorously. Overeating is not the solution for gaining weight. To gain weight naturally, you can eat five to six meals a day. You can also eat more fat and protein.

Many people consume unhealthy foods and supplements to gain weight fast without doing proper research. They may end up with medical issues, so think twice before you eat anything. Eat healthy foods to build muscle and improve your strength. Here are some foods you can eat to increase your weight.

How To Gain Weight Healthy?

The main idea is to consume more calories during the day than you burn. You can estimate that you should aim to consume 300-500 more calories per day than you require. You can also eat more than one meal a day. When you are trying to gain weight, it is important that you increase the amount of fats in your diet. You should avoid eating unhealthy fats or junk food to gain weight. This type of food will only cause weight gain on your stomach and can lead to serious issues in the future like diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular issues. Regular (but not intense) exercise can also help you build muscle mass.

Foods That Help You Gain Weight

1: Milk

It is a complete meal because it contains all the nutrients our body needs. Milk is rich in calcium, proteins, carbohydrates, fats and minerals. This is a great source of protein, as it contains both casein and Whey proteins. You can add more muscle to your body by drinking milk. Drink two glasses of milk daily with your meal, or just before or after working out.

2 : Rice

It is important to gain weight, and rice is a cheap source of carbohydrates. A single serving of rice is calorie dense, meaning you get both carbs and calories. About 200 calories are found in one cup of rice, which can contribute to weight gain.

Rice can be served with different curries or vegetables that are rich in protein. This is the simplest way to boost taste, calories and protein.

3: Dried Fruits

Dried fruits are beneficial to weight gain. This superfood is rich in antioxidants, protein, calories and micronutrients. Dried fruit of all types have a high sugar content, which makes them ideal for weight gain. You can add them to yoghurt or smoothies, and eat them either raw or roasted. Weight gain is best achieved by eating a daily handful of dry fruits like almonds, cashews and walnuts.

4: Homemade Protein Smoothies

Smoothies made at home are healthier than protein supplements. The best way to help build muscle is by drinking a shake shortly after working out. These shakes are full of flavour and taste. You can gain weight with homemade smoothies such as the chocolate banana nutshake, vanilla berryshake, chocolate hazelnutshake, and supergreenshake.

5 – Red Meat

Red meat contains a lot of protein, which helps you build muscle and gain weight. It is rich in leucine, a nutrient that plays a major role in increasing muscle mass. Steaks and other red meats are rich in both fat and protein, which can promote weight gain. Lean and fatty muscles both contain proteins that will help you gain weight. The best source is brisket, a dish made from fat beef.

6: Fatty, Oily fish

Salmon is a rich source of essential fatty acids, and protein. These fishes help you gain weight, and they also boost your immune system . Omega-3, which is found in these fishes, is the most important source for weight gain. Salmon can be prepared in many different ways, including steamed, fried, or smoked.

7: Potatoes & Starch

The starch-based foods like potatoes and corn have a reputation for being tasty options to quickly gain weight. This is an inexpensive way to provide extra calories for your system. This food is high in calories and carbs that help increase muscle glycogen. These starchy foods contain carbs that are rich in essential nutrients, fibre and resistant starch.

8 – Whole Grain Bread

Simple whole grain bread will help you gain weight. When combined with proteins like meat, eggs and cheese, they can make a balanced meal. Live, healthy bacteria found in sourdough can help strengthen your immune system.

9: Avocados

Avocados contain a lot of vitamins, antioxidants and fibres. Avocados are great for weight gain. You can include them in your main meals, sandwiches and other dishes.

10 Whole Eggs

Your dietician will recommend whole eggs as the best choice for weight gain, because they contain a lot of calcium, protein, and healthy fats. These are a great food for building muscle. The egg yolk can be very healthy.

Many foods and supplements can help you gain weight. Instead of consuming a lot of sugary or fatty food, opt for high-calorie foods which will give you energy and help build muscle without the harmful fats.

11 Healthy Fats and oils

Healthy oils have a high calorie content and don’t come with any of the negative effects associated with other oils. These oils can be used in salad dressings, seasonings or cooking. Three healthy oils can increase your intake of calories: Avocado oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Coconut oil. Add a little butter and one of these oils to your morning cup of coffee to get healthy oil in your diet. It’s trendy and delicious!

Suggested Diet Plan for Weight Gain

One of the biggest myths is that you can gain weight over night. Weight gain is aided by a healthy diet, strength-training and different weight-gain exercises. Diet and food play a major role in this. You can maintain the following for your weight-gain diet:


Include foods like avocado toast, poached eggs or whole grain bread with peanut butter. Avoid products with caffeine, such as tea and strong coffee.


Add food like noodle and chicken stir-fry, rice with vegetables and salmon, chicken rice and corn, chapatis, chicken curries, and yoghurt.


Add your preferred rice/chapati and serve it with chicken, fish or vegetables. You can also add a bowl of corn-flavored chicken soup.


The dried fruits can help you gain weight. Snacking on almonds, walnuts or cashews is a good way to stay healthy. You can also enjoy seeds like sunflower seeds. Hummus and whole-grain crackers are a delicious snack.


Many foods and supplements can help you gain weight. Instead of consuming a lot of sugary or fatty food, opt for high-calorie foods. They will give you energy and help build muscle without the harmful fats. The best way to gain weight is through regular, age-appropriate exercises and a healthy diet rich in calories. Avoid eating between meals. Stay hydrated at all times and only eat healthy, nutritious food. Gaining weight takes time and patience.

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